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61% of parents say that they know less about the Internet than their children

Ofcom Media Literacy Survey 2011


Tweeting, Inboxing, Sexting, Tagging, Mashing, Hacking, Trolling, Flaming, Blogging, Vlogging, Social Networking, Skyping, BBM, Uploading, Downloading, Proxies, P2P and Warez.

If some (or all) of these words sound like gobbledegook to you, then you’re certainly not alone.

According to the 2011 OFCOM media literacy survey, 61% of parents know “less about the Internet” than their children.

It’s not surprising. The Internet is developing at a startling rate and what was “cutting edge” a month ago is “old hat” today. It’s a massive challenge for parents and childcare professionals to keep up!

How can Clear as Crystal Training help parents and professionals to ‘keep up’?

We offer a range of Internet Safety courses to parents, foster carers, social workers, childcare professionals and schools to help them to keep the children in their care safe on the Internet.

Working with schools, local authorities, fostering agencies and National charities, we can help you to:

  • Spot the signs that may indicate that a child is being cyberbullied
  • Recognise the websites and applications that facilitate cyberbullying
  • Use parental controls to prevent access to inappropriate content
  • Understand the internet connected devices children have access to and how to secure them
  • Monitor social networking activity without violating childrens privacy
  • Recognise the online ‘friends’ who might not be who they say they are
  • Educate children about keeping themselves safe online

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I’m a journalist and need help to cover an Internet safety story


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Internet Safety Trainer Charles Conway is frequently approached by TV, Radio and Press to comment on online safety issues.

This short video shows a few of his recent appearances.